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Expertise For Growth

Your Perfect Financial Director

"Do they exist?"

As an MD of your own business, you have gained a wealth of experience over the years from the various roles undergone.  A lot of your knowledge has been gained from working with colleagues and then adapting these over time to suit the culture of your organisation. 

The majority of small to medium sized businesses do not require a full time FD in their first phases of their business life-cycle at a PAYE cost of circa £75k per annum.

This is not to say that your business wouldn't hugely benefit from having an FD on call, especially when considering the following:

          to introduce procedures within the finance department

          extend the culture and values you and your business represent to the finance team, 

          to have a rolling budget in place where employees become accountable for the expenditure,

          a 12 month cashflow forecast to ensure that the growth can be sustained without cash pressures, and

          produce a monthly financial reporting style (of key KPI's) which you understand and can ensure they improve your              make decision making process, and delivered by dates which ensure the business can achieve the growth plans.

We understand that with growth becomes the need for a full time FD.  So when the time is 'right' we have attached a simple one page document to help you to recruit a competent Finance Director.

Not all of the items in the document will be directly attributable to your company, and if this is the case you should consider whether your business will require a full time FD position? 

- Develop a financial and operational strategy & monitor the metrics tied to that strategy,

- Assist in formulating the company's future direction and supporting tactical initiatives - the business plan

- Manage the capital request and budgeting processes

- Participate in key decisions as a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT)

- Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts

- Maintain banking relationships

- Represent the company to all external stakeholders

When we engage with clients we try to touch on the majority of the items in the document but concentrate on the more common points which are:

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