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Take Control Of Your Finances

With Regular Analysis & Forecasts

So You Can Manage Cash Flow & Fund Business Growth

All Delivered By a Finance Director,

for the cost of less than an additional admin support

"KPI's delivered timely and formatted to enhance the decision making process 'at a glance' ensuring you stay ahead of your competition"

- Mark Terrington Founder & CEO

Why Our Clients succeed...


5 Steps To Getting Key 

Financial Data Delivered On Time In A Format That Aids 

Decision Making

Would You Like A Firmer Handle On

The Finance Of Your Business

To Remove Doubt & Accurately Predict Your Growth

How To Take Control

 Of Your Future

 Cash Flow So You Can Fund Profitable 



Simple, affordable pricing

Ideal for any growing Small and Medium Business

Wherever your business sits within it's life-cycle, we have a plan which will work perfectly for your business to boost growth

(benefits below in brief)




from £299/mth

Monthly Finance Report with 5

KPI's & trend Analysis

Unlimited email action

Monthly book-keeping


Mthly Payroll (up to 5 'ees)

Annual Statutory Accounts Preparation


 from £439/mth

Branded Finance Deck for internal & external stakeholders

All growth features, plus

Annual Budget Preparation & monthly variance reporting

Rolling 12 month projections with cashflow forecasting

Ad-hoc Telephone Calls as required



All Scale features, plus

Mthly / Qtrly Board Meeting attendance over Zoom

Full monthly book-keeping

Annual Financial Statements and Compliance

Tax Planning business & personal

Full FD Services

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To Find Out More

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Our Packages



"What does that mean to you?"



Experience and knowledge of your sector – having a trained and experienced FD on the team will be invaluable.

A finance expert driving decision-making – handing over the reins of financial management allows you to focus on what you’re good at: running your business.

A finance specialist driving decision-making – driving the business plan and drawing up growth plans around moving markets, having a financial expert to aid the decisions you make.

Someone to share the leadership burden – steering a ship alone can be hard work, so having another member of your SMT to share the leadership challenges is a real bonus.

Benefits In Brief


Start by asking yourself these simple questions.....

- Have I have placed emphasis on my infrastructure, and now recognise that I am ready to take my business to the next level?

- Have I a missing cog in the structure of my organisation and realise that I require more depth within my Senior Management Team. 

- Have I realised that my business requires proven financial planning and budgetary controls along with strategic expertise to make better and faster decisions to ensure I achieve strategic growth within my organisation.


FD Outsource Ltd specialises in working with the busy SME MD.  One of our main objectives is to free up busy MD's by taking away the pressures from within your finance department.

FD Outsource ensure that clients achieve strategic growth within their organisation with a primary focus on cashflow so it does not create a Barrier to Growth.

Reporting key information in a timely manner is a significant factor to successfully achieving your strategic goals.

Our experience as an FD enables us to analyse your requirements, identify any issues and then plan a range of strategies to achieve your objectives.

We invest in you and your Senior Management Team, to ensure that they all understand the basics of the numbers, and explain why there is such emphasis placed on Financial Reporting.


With good financial reporting comes better decision making, escalating your growth programme guiding you through your business lifecyle


Management accounts being presented as a set of numbers has no benefit in achieving strategic growth, whereas FD Outsource offer experience and the understanding of how to grow your business.  In business it's often not what you do, but 'how you do it', which makes the difference.


FD Outsource operates on a private client basis.  Keeping the part time FD role as confidential to external stakeholders within your Organisational Structure.

Many SME’s simply can’t afford a financial director of their own in excess of £75k on the payroll. That’s where FD Outsource Ltd comes in.

Typically, we hold telephone discussions with our clients weekly, and provide access to key financial data and reports as required.

How It Does It Work

What our clients say

"Money had always been a problem for our business which in the early days often meant that my wife and I were paid very late.  We were using Mark as our preferred annual accountants and decided that the investment in FD Outsource might work.  It took six months of reporting to get a grip on our cash flow, but now realise that being in control of cash allows you to grow."

- Senior Director

"We found Mark through LinkedIn. Never having used an FD we didn't really know what to expect.  Our accounts package was Sage, and Mark began by building a 3 year analysis of how we had traded.  Once all of this had been analysed they continued to support us by sending key measures through each month so we actually understood how we were trading and made us more accountable for the decisions we were making.  We would never go back to finding out how our business was running once a year by giving all of the information to our accountants.

- MD

"I met Mark at one of their networking events entitled 'Does Your Business Really need a Full Time FD?'  As it was a free event I went along to listen.  His experience within the engineering & manufacturing sector made me think about whether we needed our £45k per year FD.

We had always assumed that we were getting value for money but after several telephone calls we realised that what we had was just an expensive office manager.  Mark joined us on a part time basis just presenting management accounts and KPI's which we wanted to track."

- Managing Director

What Our Clients Say

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