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Financial Planning, budgetary & strategic expertise and support for businesses across Staffordshire and the West Midlands

Have you the appetite to take your business to the next level? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we offer the financial planning, budgetary and strategic expertise to help the busy owner/manager or SME MD to accelerate growth and profit within their companies.

FD Outsource Ltd supports businesses with all aspects of outsourced financial planning, strategic advice and budgetary controls. Typically we help SME businesses based across Staffordshire and the and offer the same level of friendly, strategic advice & expertise to all our clients.

At FD Outsource Ltd we not only show you how to grow your business, we help implement the strategies to do just that in business it’s often not what you do but ‘how you do it’ that makes the difference. Our experience at FD Outsource Ltd enables us to analyse your requirements, identify your issues and then plan and project manage a range of strategies to achieve your objectives.


When we conduct our initial review of your business these are the areas we analyse:

Cash Flow We work with you to improve best practice cash management, forecasting and to manage cash flow for growth and/or survival.
Tax efficiency and Planning Most business do not have the time or expertise to focus on questions relating to  taxation and, consequently most businesses pay considerably more tax than they need to. We make sure that your business is as tax efficient as possible.
Building a high performance teamEvery team needs a mix of individuals whose skills complement one another too many team members with the same skill sets, simply will not create a dynamic team. Team development is an entrepreneurial skill, and a continuing process that requires energy, commitment, feedback and review. Creating an effective team is not as easy as many imagine. 
Visionary Thinking Visionary thinking means developing a coherent direction for your business in the future. Ever business leader should be clear the connection between his or her own thinking and the changes that are going on in your industry and vertical markets

An essential element of visionary thinking is future orientation the ability to communicate a clear view of the future of the business; its aims and what it is capable of achieving. Future orientation applies to managers at all levels, whereas visionary thinking is most relevant to senior personnel, the board and the MD.
Financing Business GrowthRaising the revenue, profile and respectability of your organisation is not only attractive – it is essential for corporate survival. The need to build total shareholder return should be the foremost consideration of strategists and business leaders. However, as with all forms of entrepreneurship, growth is a great consumer of capital it is therefore crucial to chart a balance between generating additional capital through growth and consuming it.
Competing for businessThe importance to a firm that its products and services are competitive cannot be overstated. At its most basic level, being competitive enables you to sell more goods or services, but is also means that you can gain greater flexibility in the market. Competitiveness is a relative concept: if you are more competitive then it is likely that your flexibility and market strength will be greater than that of your competitors.
Pricing - a competitive advantagePricing is a major source of competitive advantage – firms can compete directly and overtly on price and take market share. It also provides a way to increase loyalty to a brand or product, to enable firms to enter new markets, to sustain the life of an established product or to provide a vehicle for special offers and supporting other sales techniques. Viewed another way, if the price is wrong then the business can collapse – and at best, an opportunity is wasted.
Winning profitable new businessEvery business, however illustrious its history or brand and however many assets it has, is only as strong as its next three months’ order book. In other words, sales matter. This may seem obvious, yet it is easy within major corporations to become complacent and think that sales will always flow in. History is littered with examples of organisations that failed to work at winning new business and that withered away as their customers departed to competitors
Thriving or Surviving The importance of corporate values: There are values such as honesty, integrity, fairness and prosperity that we may be able to relate to on an individual personal basis, but often we fail to understand or appreciate values in the context of business and corporations.

Although the term ‘corporate values’ is a relative newcomer to the business lexicon, the concept of values as an important aspect of corporate life is not. Many companies have long recognised the importance of possessing a set of guiding principles.
Entreprenurial Decision Making In many ways, decisions are the yardstick of progress: they can be quick or slow, large or small, easy or risky, simple or arduous, but they are the vital components of success. Entrepreneurial decisions provide organisations with:
  • Certainty and decisiveness preferable to vacillation and drift!!.
  • A clear focus on priority issues.
  • Opportunities – decisions open doors, motivate and energise employees
  • The means to implement plans and progress strategy.
  • Greater revenues, less costs, increased shareholder value
  • – and long-term growth and prosperity.
  • A framework for action, ensuring that effort is not misguided or wasted.